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In the interest of trying to save you some time, Form-A-Co has provided some common questions and answers pertaining to the document registration journey into Gibraltar.

Business registration in Gibraltar involves submitting the necessary documents to the Companies House, including the company's memorandum and articles of association, details of directors and shareholders, and a registered office address. The process typically takes a few weeks, and once approved, the company is issued a Certificate of Incorporation.

Gibraltar residency can be obtained through various means, such as employment, self-employment, or through the Category 2 Individual status. Each route has specific requirements, but generally, applicants need to demonstrate financial self-sufficiency and a clean criminal record. The residency process involves submitting an application to the Gibraltar Residency Department.

Yacht registration in Gibraltar involves submitting an application to the Gibraltar Ship Registry. The yacht must meet the registry's eligibility criteria, which include compliance with safety and technical standards. Once approved, the yacht is issued a Gibraltar flag, providing the owner with the advantages of a reputable and internationally recognized flag.

Gibraltar is known for its well-established legal framework and regulatory environment for trusts. Setting up a family trust in Gibraltar provides advantages such as confidentiality, asset protection, and favorable tax treatment. The jurisdiction's commitment to preserving privacy makes it an appealing choice for families looking to safeguard and manage their wealth across generations.


Form-A-Co’s most common questions answered.

Gibraltar trusts offer various benefits, including tax advantages and asset protection. Establishing a trust in Gibraltar allows individuals to manage and protect their wealth, as well as plan for succession. The jurisdiction provides a well-regulated legal framework for trusts, making it an attractive option for individuals and businesses seeking asset protection and succession planning.

Re-domiciliation to Gibraltar involves transferring the registration of a company from another jurisdiction to Gibraltar. The process includes obtaining the necessary approvals from both the original and the receiving jurisdictions, preparing the required documentation, and submitting the application to the Companies House in Gibraltar. Re-domiciliation allows companies to benefit from Gibraltar's business-friendly environment.

Gibraltar offers a favorable tax regime for businesses, with a low corporate tax rate. Companies registered in Gibraltar are subject to corporate tax only on income generated within the territory. Additionally, there is no value-added tax (VAT) in Gibraltar, making it an attractive jurisdiction for businesses seeking tax advantages.

Yes, non-residents can own a yacht registered in Gibraltar. The Gibraltar Ship Registry does not impose restrictions based on the owner's residency. This makes Gibraltar a popular choice for international yacht owners who appreciate the jurisdiction's reputable flag, regulatory standards, and the flexibility it offers in terms of yacht ownership.

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    Jonathan's Bio


    FORM-A-CO (GIBRALTAR) LIMITED was founded in 1989 to conduct the business of Company Formation and administration and all ancillary services. Jonathan’s role from the outset was to serve as the firm’s Manager, creating its product line and devising its services. Since that date, Jonathan has overseen the evolution of the business as the firm’s Managing Director to incorporate Trust and Marine administration into its range of products, and steering it through the various compliance and regulatory challenges arising from the application of Financial Services Regulation in Gibraltar as from 1993, with the establishment of the Financial Services Commission itself.To this day, Jonathan’s role is to oversee the management of the firm’s Company Formation and Trust Administration services (through FORM-A-TRUST (GIBRALTAR) LIMITED), and the incorporation of small businesses in Gibraltar to service the local economy, whilst retaining executive responsibility for all compliance and regulatory led initiatives for the firm. 

    • Over 31 years working in Gibraltar’s Financial Services industry as Managing Director of a firm which is duly licensed by the Financial Services Commission to conduct Company Management and Trust Administration services. 
    • Registered with the Supreme Court to serve as a Commissioner for Oaths in Gibraltar. 
    • Licensed by the Financial Services Commission to provide Directorship services as an approved individual. 
    • Approved by the Financial Services Commission to serve as an EIF (Experienced Investor Fund) Director. 
    • Member of the Gibraltar Advisory Board of TFO Tax Strategies Limited – a Manchester-based business dedicated to wealth management and tax planning structures.
    Charle's Bio


    Charles joined FORM-A-CO (GIBRALTAR) LIMITED in 2012 after 30 years in the banking sector. He was responsible for the creation and development of Trust businesses at  Lloyds TSB  Bank Plc  and at SG Hambros  Bank & Trust. 

    Charles is a Director of FORM-A-CO (GIBRALTAR) LIMITED with particular responsibility for  the  Trust Administration services (through FORM-A-TRUST (GIBRALTAR) LIMITED) as well as client relationships.

    Charles brings an array  of skills and experience to the business and holds appointments in listed Companies.